Lenka Carr-Motyčková - publikace

doc. Ing. Lenka Carr-Motyčková, CSc. Publications


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Kapitoly v monografiích

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  • Články v časopisech

    1. Motyckova, L. and D. Dryml.: Convergecast Tree Construction in Wireless Sensor Networks,.
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    1. Motyckova, L. and D. Carr.: A Cluster-Tree Protocol for Reliable Multicasting,.
      Computer Networks.

    Příspěvky ve sbornících konferencí

    1. Carr-Motyčková L. a Dryml D., Distributed Energy Efficient Data Gathering without Aggregation via Spanning Tree Optimization
      In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 7960, 2013, pp 87-98
    2. Johansson, T., Osipov, E., Carr-Motyckova, L: Interference Aware Construction of Multi- and Convergecast Trees in Wireless Sensor Networks.
      in Proceedings of The 8th International Conference on Next Generation Teletraffic and Wired/Wireless Advanced Networking, St Petersburg, Russia, 3th-5th September 2008.
      [ISBN 0–000–00000–0]
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    Učebnice a populární literatura

    1. Motyčková, L., Motyčka, A.,: The Design of Algorithms.
      in Czech, CSVTS, 1986 .